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STOH – Board Games Club

Volné hraní We are a student's club. We are interested in playing all kinds of board games (ranging from modern like Carcassonne, Settlers or Bang to classical like chess and backgammon or old chinese chess and GO).
We have our meeting point at block 6 at Strahov. The entrance is from the side opposite the block 7. It is the same entrance like to Čajovna club.

We meet there three times a week - on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Usual beginning is at 7 pm. Everybody can come to join us and play any of games we have. (list of games - czech only) You can also bring your favorite game and teach others how to play it. Twice a month we organize tournaments with prizes. (schedule - czech only)
Zuzka přemýšlí Turnaj v GO
Everybody is welcome but has to respect the rules. (see below)

If you have any question or suggestion, contact us at

STOH rules

  1. MOTTO
    You should honor the club and his name. The clubhouse should be kept neatly and should be left in a better condition than the condition it was before you had entered.
    A member can be anyone from CVUT or anybody else interested in it. A member of a club STOH is simultaneously a member of a Student union (SU). A chief of the club is in charge of an acceptance of a new member.
    The membership is conditioned by a payment of a fee of 50 CZK per semester. Every member has to be subscribed in the list of the club members. There has to be his name, surname, ID number (passport number) and valid email address. Together with it he is assigned a unique identification number. Each member by signing the rules confirms that he becomes a member voluntarily, he obeys the rules and internal regulations of the STOH club and of the SU and he approves the treatment of his personal info for the purpose of club.
    In the club you should behave decently and you should not disturb the others. You can bring your own food and beverages.
    You can also order anything from the Cajovna club but you are responsible for paying the bill and returning the cups which belong to the Cajovna club.
    The entrance to the club is also permitted to the nonmembers of the STOH club but only for the purpose of playing board games.
    The entrance fee is for every player 5 CZK.
    This fee is canceled for the members of the STOH club.
    The entrance fee does not apply for the participants of tournaments in the day the tournament takes place.
    Every participant of the tournament is obliged to come at least 15 minutes ahead the official beginning of the tournament. He has to confirm his participance and personally pay the entrance fee of 20 CZK (as far as the chief does not specify otherwise).
    The members of the club pay only 50% of the cost of entrance fee. In the case of late arrival the decision about toleration is up to the chief of the tournament.
    The chief of each tournament is designated in advance and his name is available in the calendar of actions.
    All the Executives of the STOH club are permitted to forbid the entrance to people to the club anytime based on their judgment. There are considered mainly: violation of the rules, disturbation of the players and the behavior under the influence of an alcohol or behavior which disturbs the calm atmosphere. In the case of repeating problems with a person the person's membership can be canceled.
    The membership in the club is also canceled when the member's fee is not paid. After payment the membership can be renewed.
Kdo si hraje, nezlobí!


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